infectious disease

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Spotlight: Oh, You Dirty Rat!
Jan 9, 2014 | Katharine York

We’ve covered a lot of diseases over the past few years, but what we haven’t covered much of are the vectors that carry them. A few months ago, we...

Microorganisms in Microgravity: Spaceflight Experiments Reveal New Properties of Pathogens
Feb 28, 2013 | Steven Purcell

The International Space Station (ISS), orbiting some 220 miles above earth at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour, is a modern marvel and the pride of...

Notable Outbreaks From 2012
Jan 2, 2013 | Anna Tomasulo

As 2012 ends and we dive into another year, let's take a moment to look back at some significant infectious disease outbreaks from 2012. Please keep...

New Study Names 40 Airports Most Likely to Spread Disease
Jul 27, 2012 | Lauren Edmundson

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently published a report that used mathematical modeling to identify the U.S. airports...

From Poor to Rich: The Migration of the Plague in the United States
Jun 21, 2012 | Alex Ocampo

The plague, once a disease affecting mostly lower socioeconomic communities in the United States, has made a shift to middle and upper class...

Controlling the Spread of Dengue Fever?
Aug 25, 2011 | Anna Tomasulo

  Yesterday Nature magazine published an article covering two Australian studies that showed the ability of Wolbachia pipientis bacteria to stop...